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Chinese Handmade Traditional Transparent Liuli Ice-stone Teacup Set

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This is a teacup that Ziqi likes very much. It brings pure, peace, and beautiful feeling. Many fans expressed their desire to have it. Therefore, we contacted the Chinese traditional handmade teacup artist and customized a batch of such teacups. 

Its material is the Liuli (Colored Glaze, Chinese: 琉璃), and it is made after a series of dewaxing and removal of harmful impurities, combined with a special process and high-temperature firing. Its production process is a special and complex process that has been passed down for thousands of years, because this technology is difficult for ordinary people to master, resulting in a low success rate and inability to mass production. At the same time, it has a high artistic appreciation value, so its price is a little expensive, and such tea sets were only used by nobles in ancient times.

It is clear and translucent inside and out, and the material looks like ice cubes, and it feels cold to the touch. If you look closely, you will find that there are some small bubbles in it. These bubbles are increased due to the special production process, which greatly increases its artistic sense. The air bubbles formed naturally during the calcination of materials become its distinctive feature. It can emit a dazzling brilliance under the light.

Each cup is handmade by the craftsman, and the texture and appearance details of each cup are unique. The appearance of each cup is irregular, like a teacup formed by a transparent gemstone after a hole is cut by hand. Full of a strong artistic atmosphere.

Its hand-made simple appearance can give people a peaceful feeling. It is suitable for slowly savoring wine, tea, and other beverages in a quiet environment or playing soothing music.

  • Hand-made
  • Food-grade material
  • High & low-temperature resistance
  • Safe and lead-free, no heavy metals

Note: It cannot be heated quickly or placed in a sterilizing sideboard. It is not recommended to clean it in hot water after drinking a cold drink. Because the temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the cup can cause cracking.


Tea Cup

Height: 5.4cm
Width: 5.2cm
Capacity: 60ml

Tea Coaster

Diameter: 10.5cm
Thickness: 2.3cm
Weight: 280g