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Li Ziqi Purple Sweet Potato Steamed Rice Sandwich Cake

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Ziqi Said Her Inspiration Comes From:

  • Remember when I was working in the city, when I called my grandma, she always asked me, "Did you have your breakfast yet?" at the beginning. And I was told at the end to "remember to have breakfast and don't starve your stomach".
  • So I have been preparing to make our traditional, Chinese, convenient, fragrant and soft traditional pastries. Fill up every busy morning when you are too busy to have breakfast. Just like in my childhood, my family handed over warm and sweet steamed rice cakes. Of course it's also a good snack when you get hungry at office.

How Ziqi’s Sandwich Cake Is Made?

Our product is made of quality rice and naturally sweet purple potato which is rich in dietary fiber. In order to ensure that you can taste the natural taste of the food, we do not use any preservatives, so its shelf life is only 60 days.

Mixure the rice powder and steam it.

Steam the purple sweet potato, then mash it into puree and spread it on the steamed rice cake.

Cut into pieces and finally we get delicious rice sandwich cake.


Product Details:

  • Product name: Liziqi Purple Potato Steamed Rice Sandwich
  • Specifications: 540 g(included 18-19 packages).
  • Shelf life: 60 days.(the package is containing nitrogen to keep fresh)
  • Production date: See the bottom of the package.
  • Formulation: Sticky rice, Purple potato filling, Egg, Vegetable oil, White sugar, Trehalose, Cooking salt.
  • Storage Conditions: Put it in a cool, dry and normal place, away from the sun and humid environment.
  • Place of production: Quanzhou city, Fujian province, southern China.
  • Warm reminder: If the product is damaged or leaks, please do not consume it.
  • Allergens reminder: The ingredients of this product contain wheat flour, egg, Milk and dairy products.
  • Production license number: SC12435058301669
  • Product standards number: GB/T 20977


  • The time stamp on the package is the date of manufacture and not the expiration date. So the expiration date is the date of manufacture plus the shelf life. 
  • Because it does not contain preservatives, it is recommended to eat as soon as possible after opening.
  • As for the product images on the page, because of the shooting angle, props and color difference, the actual product shall prevail.