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LiZiQi LuoSiFen Spicy Instant Noodle 400g

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Product Highlights
  1. Fresh recipe: authentic Liuzhou recipe, more than 20 kinds of ingredients, stewed for 8 hours, fresh and mellow
  2. Chili oil: red and translucent chili oil, the powder is wrapped in fresh and spicy flavor
  3. The big sweet bamboo shoots are fermented in the old altar, great aroma, and eating sour and crisp
  4. Rice noodles are cool: use old rice to grind into a powder, the taste is smooth and very elastic
  5. The soup is rich and hot, and the taste buds also have an enjoyable experience.
Cooking Instructions:
1.Add cold water and cook for 8~10 minutes, remove and set aside (it is recommended to drop two drops of vinegar so that the powder will be very elastic)
2.Refill 400ml of cold water, add the boiled rice noodles and river snail noodle soup bag, and turn off the heat when the cold water boils
3.Add the ingredients package and stir and then eat (Note: chili oil is a little spicier, add as appropriate according to personal taste and corresponding scale)

Creative dry noodles: Boil the rice noodles in a pot under cold water for 8~10 minutes, drain the water and remove them, add the ingredients, stir well and serve.
Modified dry rice noodle bag, river snail meat soup bag, chili oil ingredient bag, sour bamboo shoot ingredient bag, auxiliary ingredient bag, peanut ingredient bag, caper bean/dried radish ingredient bag, balsamic vinegar ingredient bag

Peanut and its products, soybean and its products

How To Store:
Please put it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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Brand LIZIQI Brand Origin China
Net Content 400g