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Li Ziqi Style Embroidery Moon-shaped Fan

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Inspiration of this Embroidery Pouch:

  • Fans jokingly said: As if cooking and farming can't keep Ziqi busy enough, she still does sewing, embroidery, and carpentry! 
  • Well, embroidery is our traditional handicraft. Embroidery pattern is embroidered one stitch by one thread by craftswomen.
  • Summer is coming, let it bring you cool~There are 6 types for you to choose. Hope you can pick the one you like.

    Production Details:

    Fabric: fan face: canvas and embroidery  frame: bamboo

    Diameter of fan face: 19.5cm

    Length of holder: 15cm (Due to logistics restrictions, we can only ship 15cm-long handles type. Please refer to the first picture for the length.)

    Thickness: 1cm