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Liziqi Velvet Cloak Ancient Chinese Style Woolen Autumn Winter Costume

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Cloak, also known as "Lian Peng Yi", is a coat to wear to prevent wind and cold. Cloaks are usually sleeveless.

It's the thing to keep you warm on a chilly day. This beautiful cloak is made from high-quality woolen cloth. 

Few things can make you want to leave your house on a chilly day, but this cloak will provide the reason you need.

The cloak, which is said to have evolved from a quilt, was originally woven from jute to protect from rain and snow. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, silk fabrics were mostly used. At that time, when going out in winter, men and women didn't used to wear cloaks. After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, it was common for women to wear cloaks. They were made more and more sophisticated. They were generally made of bright silk and satin, embroidered with patterns, and lined with fur.